♥ Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Im gonna move my blog to http://trinaljy.onsugar.com/

not confirm if i will blog there from now on as im quite new there and need to get use to it before i officially shift to that blog. but most updates will be updated at that blog! do drop me a msg alright? (:


HELLO THERE! i bet by now i wouldnt have much readers already.

IMSORRY for de lack of updates but have been busy taking care of that lil imp of mine. and when theres a lil free time i would want to surf de net and do some shopping. HEHE.

Anyway, my ML ends next week and i will be gg back to work for that 1 mth and GOODBYE to Delifrance already. BTH working there already.. SEPTEMBER will be a damn fast mth for me. Filled with lotsa activities!

30th Aug-Hus 23th Birthday
3th Sept-My 21st Bday Party
4th Sept-Shirley's Wedding
9th Sept-My Actual Birthday
11th Sept-Kayler's Swimming Competition
17th Sept-Bestie's 21st Party
22th Sept-Bestie Actual Birthday

and for 1 weekend of sept we would be gg to MBS for a night stay. but we haven come up with de dates as currently all weekends are quite packed with activities.

On a random thought, was whatsapping with a fren recently, and he told me this.
"When you love a person more den de person love you, you would be in a losing end."
-I find this soo true. I dun have confidence in myself ever since i gave birth.. I felt as thou i lose my charm. I dun feel as pretty as I used to, and thou I have a better figure now I still feel I look quite ugly :/ due to stretchmarks.. Im really afraid 1 day I would lose him. All i ever want is to have a happy Family of my own.


♥ Monday, July 11, 2011

Had some lil fun at Sentosa yesterday. What a fun day where i get to save my ears from the lil boy's crying (but i did miss him very much) damn contradicting. (i know -.-) anyway, went Sentosa with SH and his uni mates. a fun group to be with.

And so we were suppose to meet at 12.30 but somehow change to 1.30pm. SH & myself were suppose to leave de hse at 12.30 but den Kayler wanted milk and so, we gave him his milk before heading out. and by de time we reavhed lakeside it was 1.15pm. :/

Met JiaJun at Lakeside and we trained to vivo. met up with the other ppl and went to get gongcha! We got mackies for brunch tooo. and headed to take de monorail into Sentosa (:

played monkey awhile and it started raining -.- went to find shelter for a rest + express some milky.. after de rain stopped we went back to Siloso and started gg into de waters. ok.. ALL was kenna force in 1 by 1.

After awhile, we got up from de water and headed to change up. Went back to Vivo and i went to get my moisturizer ! Like Finally !! took a train to tanjong pagar for Korean BBQ. its damn shiok lo. De meat very very juicy, place abit warm but its super nice.

Was super tired already thus i wanted to take a cab home. but there were no cab insight ! so i called my dad and ask if he was around the area and lucky me he was and is heading back to jurong to return de cab. and lucky me, his cab does not have any passenger! so SH & myself had a free ride home (:

♥ Sunday, July 10, 2011

Decided to post some photo of de lil prince on my blog. But if you wanna see more photos of him. can head to my fb (: these were taken yesterday before heading out for Swimming session at Nex. Wanted to let him get some massage done but the lil boy was cranky cos he didnt had enough rest and was kindda hungry too. oh well, theres always next time (:


♥ Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Shall blog about my birth experience now that i have de time (:

On 20th May 2011, I woke up at 6.30am just to have a good bath before heading to de hospital to induce bb Kayler out. We left de hse at 7am as i have to reach Thomson at 7.30am.

Went into de observation room while hus went to do the admission paperworks. I was soo scared as i dunno what will happen and all. worry alot -.- Doc came at 8.30am and told me i was only 1cm dialated so she inserted de 1st pill for my cervix to open faster. sooo weird lah de feeling when doc insert de pill in. And i tried to sleep while SH watching his movies on de ipad.

I cant rmb what time it was when i was moved to the delivery room. but i continue to sleep as de contraction is coming in already. sibei painful lo. its like menses cramp x 1000000 times. Dr Tan came in at 2pm to burst my waterbag, it hurt alot and my contraction was still there so its like pain at my vaginal + tummy -.-

at about 2.30pm i was told that im only 2cm dilated was super duper sian. cos from 8.30am-2.30pm my cervix only opened 1 cm. sibei shag. and i was thinking if i have to wait another 6 hrs for another 2-3cm i sure bth. so i opted for epidural. De moment de doc gave me that i felt relieve and went straight to bed.. woke up wanting to drink sth hot as i was super cold and was shivering like mad.

not long later Dr Tan came to check me again, and she said i was fully dilated and can prepare to deliver already. but cos de epidural was making me numb so i couldnt feel a thing. SH came back as he went out to take a call from his mum. and den when he came back, i started pushing. within 10mins Kayler was born with the help of de vacuum. pushing part was kindda hard as i cant feel any single thing i just tried to kiak as much as possible.

After everything, finally saw my lil boy and he was crying non stop for 15mins! Dr say he is an angry baby. LOL! and so, de nurse clean him up and SH went to see his height and weight taken while DR Tan stitch me up. Rested awhile and den de nurse send me to my room to rest.

Wasnt in de mood to entertain any1. as i was damn irritated at de fact that i cant move my legs and i felt damn suan on my butt. and when 10pm came. de nurse pushed my boy to me, every1 was looking at him. while me still damn irritated that i cant seem to have any feelings on my legs. LOL. SH stayed back as i was kindda scared being alone basically cos i cant move my legs i felt as thou i was useless ah. so he secretly stayed back cos we were not able to get a single room. ALL de SINGLE ROOM were FULLY BOOKED! >:(

He continue to watch his movie while i went to get some rest. But it was not long and i got woken up by de woman beside me. She kept snoring lah ! somemore is those sibei sibei loud kind. In de end me and sh didnt had a goodnight rest ):

Request for a change to de single room de next day. Friends&Relatives came to visit. When SH came back that night after sending MIL home. he fell sick was vomiting and having diarrhoea de whole night till de next morning. kelian him :( when we returned home he was still sick but despite being sick he still took care of Kayler. I really am glad to have chosen to bring this little boy into this world. and THANK GOD i did. cos he gave me a wonderful husband and in laws that treat me like their own.

Its kindda a long post.. will be back another time for more updates (:


♥ Tuesday, May 31, 2011


HELLO PEEPS! haven been blogging for a god damn long time. IM sorry ok ? been busy taking care of my lil boy.

Anyway my boy was out on the 20th May 2011. will blog about my boy's birth story after my confinement alright ?

Im still trying to get use to being a mummy, waking up every hr just to feed that boy of mine. he can wake up every 1 hr for milk which can be really tiring for me. Its kindda hard but im sure i can do it. and breastfeeding really let me bond well with my boy.

oh ya, ever since de start of my confinement, i have been blog shopping like almost every few days. and those owners like very hardworkin lo. EVERYWEEK also launch pretty clothings ): im gg to be a very poor mummy spending $$ on clothes. LOL. oh well, just wanna reward myself after gg thru a hard 10mths and almost 12 hrs of waiting time for my lil boy to arrive.

Shall end this post with my boy's pic. (:

This is Kayler Tai, my PRINCE (:


♥ Thursday, May 05, 2011

Some ZiLian photos of myself (last time seeing this chubby me)

I have a feeling i will slim back to my previous me :/

Brunch at Wild Honey

photos with the girls are with JY. shall upload when she upload it (:

Ice Cream treat from JY. Its damn sweet but i love the waffle!

It was really a day of being a Taitai. Brunch and gossip session at Wild Honey. it was shopping time for all of us. walked quite alot, and now my leg is super suan already!

This will be a short post as i dunno what to type already! cos yesterday was mainly a meet up session with the girls to settle my craving, get some shopping done + last time the girls gonna see my bump. BabyKayler will be out next week!!! or latest in another 11 days time.

P.S: To my Cousin & Cousin in Law,

Congrats on de arrival of your baby boy, Jake Lee.

Welcome to parenthood. may your love for each other grows as you enter into a new journey of life (: I sincerely wish you 2 all the best! and i cant wait to see my lil nephew ! :D


♥ Tuesday, May 03, 2011

I haven been blogging for weeks. im just too lazy, now that im on leave i do hope i would be able to blog abit more often. Last fri was de last day for me.. and it gonna last till end of aug, where i will be back to work again :/

Shall do a lil recap as of last year till now.

My r/s with SH wasnt that good when he left the army, somehow i felt that we grew apart from each other, den things ended between us. I didnt want it to end that way but no use forcing some1 you love to be with you right? thus, drinking was my new best fren. Clubbin on every weekend and drinking on every weekday night was what i did.

We still contacted each other as Friends but yet, i didnt want us to be as frens. I cried soo hard everytime we bbm-ed each other hoping he would change his mind about us. things didnt change he still prefers his new found freedom and frens den our 1year r/s(back then). I soon found out that we cant stay as frens as I wont be able to move on and would just torture myself in this. So, i decided to end our friendship, im not tryin to be the "oh we cant be frens cos we were a couple" but cos i wanna heal my heart and really accept him as a friend.

But somehow that night(10thsept) we all(me, him & Chanel) had an arguement. I still rmbed i was at Phuture that night and that arguement totally spoiled my mood. Left phuture when it closed and headed for supper, during that time Me&SH was smsing (cos i deleted him from my bb). things somehow changed? i dunno mayb he finally woke up from his dream or sth. cos he asked me back saying to give us a chance again. honestly, i was damn bloody happy but was in doubt. he could just end our r/s just like that and want it back just like that. will he do it again? but i couldnt care less cos i honestly still loved him. de 1st person to know about us was Carl Ross his camp buddy. he said i was stupid saying i shd have thought about it instead of agreee-ing to it almost immediately. but oh well, im just too happy to care :x

2 weeks passed, our r/s were kindda like a secret. no1 knew we were together except for close frens. and i found it weird in having such a secretive r/s thus i asked for a status which he was kindda reluctant to give me. thats when i kindda felt i shd take this time to forget him and not think we would get back together. on 19th sept he gave me a status and on de 2oth sept i went to take a preg test cos my mens haven come for 2 mths but i didnt worry cos mine is damn irregular -.- but cos of frens around me kept askin me to take just so to confirm that im not preg.

that day was a day i seriously felt all sorts of weird emotions. Sad, Delighted, Angry, Scared and etc. Cos when i found out im preg, i was damn scared i literally was shaking outside the toilet wanting to cry but yet am a lil delighted cos afterall its his baby. When i told him about the result he thought i was joking. but obviously i wasnt, send him a photo of de test kit. den i asked how? and he replied abort de child. i was devastated but i know i wanna keep this child even thou i dun have de means to do so alone. Anger came upon me when he mentioned "i give you a few thousand you go get an abortion, this baby will ruin our future."

Decision making lasted another 1 week, we have to make a decision quick (but i wasnt into abortion). We quarrelled alot and i went thru hell lotsa thinking and crying. In de end, we decided to keep Kayler.

Things got better as we prepared for our wedding, our r/s and all. Den de day came, we exchanged our vows on de 28th November 2010. Till death do we part. my morning sickness was sth i hated during that time and the very bad mood swing i get.

Started preparing for our boy's arrival in march as there's a bb fair in taka during that time. Was damn excited, and we bought lotsa stuff for our lil boy. every weekend, i would be shopping for Kayler. i think we have spent a bomb on his stuff.

and to now, Both SH& myself just cant wait till our lil boy arrive into our world and that we could carry him in our arms. We have come a long way even thou we were not together for long, the things we have been thru is alot. My poor boy(SH) have to study hard now as he will be having exams as of tml till 11 may and yet worry that his lil boy will want to come out during this time.

Kayler is in his 38th week, he would be able to pop out anytime already! i do hope he will pop out only next week, after SH finishes his exams so that he would be able to be there in the delivery room with me (:

Its a long post, but i just wanna have some memories of what i have been thru and that i shdnt take things for granted. its just a lil reminder for me :D

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